Access Statement

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.


Shoulsbarrow Farmhouse is over 200 years old, and is a five-bedroom farmhouse found on the outskirts of the village of Challacombe, North Devon, up a quarter of a mile track. We offer a traditional farmhouse Bed and Breakfast and look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance including this information in a different format, please phone 01598 428005 or email


Located in Exmoor National Park it is approximately 11 miles from the towns of Barnstaple and South Molton and 10 miles from Lynton and Lynmouth

The nearest train station is at Barnstaple and nearest airport is Exeter

The 310 bus service from Barnstaple to Lynton and Lynmouth stops on the A399 but doesn’t actually come into the village. We can collect you from the bus stop to save a walk until you have got your bearings and can also drop you there at the end of your stay

There is also a taxi service in the village: 01598 763623.


  • There is a long and slightly uneven track leading up to our property
  •  Initially as you drive straight up you will come across four small gulleys going across the drive which help to drain the water away so the drive does not disappear! All perfectly passable but we always drive slowly over them. We do not own this part of the drive but have access over it
  • On taking the only turning right and through our gate the drive is still uneven – but we are working on this – there is a gulley in the gateway but it is not too uncomfortable to drive over
  • Go through the next gate and on up a slight slope and through another. All gravel/stone and okay to drive on.

Car park

  • The car park is fairly level and is made of stone
  • Please park in line with our cars about 8-10 metres away from the house
  • There is plenty of parking space, room for at least 8 cars
  • There is an outside light by the back porch which is adjacent to the car park and is the easiest entrance for cyclists and walkers, although if you wish to walk around to the front this is possible. The front door and the main visitors entrance is lovely and has an outside light in the small porch but little lighting on the way around, so a torch is advisable at night.

Entrance to property

  • Back entrance has one step up on to a large slate step 2½“/6cm high and a width of 48”/120cm so plenty of room to stand on and then a step of 2½“/6cm high into the porch, no handrail, width of door is 32”/80cm 
  • The porch has tiles on the floor and a door mat near the next step
  • The step up into the house is 4”/10cm, no handrail and door width is 35½“/90cm
  • There is room for walking boots, wellingtons, walking sticks etc. in this porch.
  • Front entrance has a slight step up from the ground of 1”/2.5cm onto the front path made of stone slabs
  • Then a small step up into the front porch of 2 ½“/6cm, no handrail
  • Porch width is 41”/104cm
  • The porch has flagstones on the floor and a step of 6”/15cm up through the front door into the front hall
  • Front door width is 35”/89cm.


  • Rear vestibule has an original quarry tiled floor, as it was formerly part of the dairy
  • It has two other doors apart from the ones leading to the dining room. These are private
  • Front hall has slate tiles on the floor
  • There are two doors, one leading to the front room for guest use, width 34”/86cm, and one is private.

Dining room

  • Has double doors from the rear vestibule
  • We usually use the left hand one as viewed from this vestibule as this has the door handle
  • The other door is fixed unless unbolted at the top
  • When both doors are open the width of the opening is 58½“/149cm
  • The left hand door opening is 29”/74cm
  • There is a door into the front room, width 33”/84cm
  • The dining room has an original quarry tiled floor, as it was formerly part of the dairy.

Front room

  • Accessed from the dining room or front hall, no steps either way
  • Fully carpeted

Stairs to first floor

  • Arise from the front hall
  • There are 11 treads, height of each is 8”/20cm and tread width is 10”/25cm
  • There is a handrail on the right hand side as you go up
  • The stairway is quite wide, being 46”/117cm
  • Stairs are fully carpeted.

Bedroom – Kilkenny

  • After 11 stairs turn right and go up 2 more
  • No handrail here
  • Take the first door on the right into Kilkenny, door width is 32”/81cm
  • Fully carpeted
  • Door into en-suite width 29”/74cm

Bedroom – Tipperary

  • After 11 stairs turn left and go up 2 more
  • No handrail here
  • Take the first door on the right into Tipperary, door width is 30”/76cm
  • Immediately as you open the door there are two steps down, 9”/22.5cm high, 10”/25cm wide
  • Fully carpeted including the steps down
  • Door into en-suite width 29”/74cm

Front garden

  • Can be accessed from the back or front doors
  • Level, gravel/slate covered with plant pots and raised beds
  • Seating areas and a small raised concrete patio

Cottage Garden

  • Entry from the top end of our car park
  • Accessed through a small picket fence gate opening inwards
  • Uneven path
  • Seats and a table

Exmoor Garden

  • Entry via an arch from the lower end of the car park
  • Uneven stone path
  • Double covered seat

Additional information

  • All furniture and sanitary ware is of standard size and height

Emergency Fire Action Plan

  • If you notice any fire please evacuate the building as quickly as possible
  • From your bedroom please go down the stairs and out of the front door and turn right out of the house and then left walking through the first gate to wait there for further instructions
  • If you are in the dining room or front room please leave via the back door, turn left and then walk through the first gate to wait there for further instructions
  • Please do not attempt to put out the fire
  • Please alert the owners if you can but do not go back into the farmhouse
  • Once you are clear of the building if the owners are not around please ring 999